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Years of Experience

Utilizing our vast knowledge and state of the art infrastructure, we provide a unique journey for those wanting to experience the most of what this amazing wildness has to offer.


The Fleet

The Barrashack

Accommodating a maximum of 12 guests ,

this three-level houseboat gives you plenty of room to spread out and enjoy panoramic views that pass by as you cruise through the calm waters.

Custom built with 6 double cabins, 2 bunk cabins, air conditioning, 4 bathrooms, lounge room, front deck and large entertainment area.


Cat 5

 Welcome aboard Category Five!

A new level of luxury, space, stability and thrilling 850 Hp, equipped with the latest technology

cat 5 dugong 2.jpg

Our Locations



A gem and hub for outdoor activities in Western Australia, multicultural history, stunning coast and spectacular fiery colours .
Adventure in comfort among the expansive natural playground of the north-west, where the wilderness meets the Indian Ocean.
Here, nothing is more important than the present, slip into 'Broome Time'

Buccaneer Archipelago

Located approximately 300 km northeast of Broome, lays one of the highest concentrations of islands in the world, consisting of nearly 1000 uninhabited islands. It is considered one of the most biologically intact environments left on earth. Each island is fringed with its own coral reef system creating abundant habitat for turtles, dugongs, whales, sharks, dolphins and fish. The landscape features steep red sandstone ridges, cliffs and canyons which contrast with calm turquoise waters making panoramic postcard views that constantly change with the tide. 

Horizontal Falls

Tides in the archipelago can reach a massive 13 meters. A spectacular display of its power is seen in Talbot Bay where the tide is pinched through 2 narrow gaps, creating a water level difference of up to 5 meters between the bays on the outgoing tide. Precision timing is essential to see this phenomenon as the tide turns every 6 hours.

Our Crew



Aussie, addicted to boating. Loves calm and clear waters, favourite food it's cherabin.


Brazilian, addicted to adventures. Loves cooking and favourite food it's bread and butter.



Kelpie cross, addicted to fishing. Loves his cuddles and favourite food it's fish.

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